Hope for the Hopeless

On August 28, 2018, our client was crossing the street in Miami Beach when his life changed in an instant. A speeding vehicle blew through the crosswalk, hitting our client at a high speed and causing serious injuries, which almost caused him to lose his leg. The driver sped away, leaving our client in a terrible situation with severe injuries and mountains of medical bills. Because it was a hit and run, multiple lawyers rejected his case, not wanting to invest time and money into a complex case without a guaranteed recovery. Our client was left stranded, stuck with nowhere to go, massive medical bill debt, and insurance companies that took advantage of him not being represented. Fortunately for our client, he stumbled upon lowercase. Thanks to diligent and creative investigation, lowercase was able to uncover multiple insurance policies to help cover the bills that he incurred as a result of this tragic accident. Despite the numerous obstacles in the case, lowercase was able to convince the insurance companies to afford coverage and tender policy limits, something they had refused to do when our client was representing himself.

While we are happy and honored to have helped this client out of a hopeless situation, this story is an important reminder that insurance companies will try to take advantage of you if you are not represented. So if you are in an accident, call lowercase today! 1-833-low-fee5.

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