Most of us are taught early in life what happens when you play with fire. However, sometimes life brings the heat to you when you least expect it. Burn injuries are easily some of the most painful and traumatic injuries people can experience. Even though the vast majority of burn injury victims survive, many survivors sustain severe scarring and even life-long disabilities.

DID YOU KNOW: According to the American Burn Association, one civilian fire death occurs every 2 hours 35 minutes.

While most people never expect that it could happen to them, plenty of Americans each year suffer severe burns due to accidents they probably didn’t expect either. For victims who suffer serious burns as a result of another individual’s negligence or malice, they may be entitled to compensation.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of burn injury, it is crucial that you obtain expert legal assistance as soon as possible. The experienced burn injury attorneys at lowercase are ready to help you file a claim and navigate the legal process to secure your right to damages.

different degress of burn injuries

Not all burn injuries are created equal. The cause of a burn can make a huge difference. The temperature or toxicity of the burning agent, along with the extent of exposure, determine the degree of the burn. In fact, there are different degrees to a burn, all of which may result in their own complications. This includes:

1st degree burns

With first-degree burns, the damage affects the epidermis. This is the first layer of skin. These wounds often look similar to a severe but painful sunburn. Usually, this burn injuries heal between 3-5 days. They typically require minimal hospitalization, if any.

2nd degree burns

A second-degree burn affects both outer and inner layers of the skin, otherwise known as the epidermis and dermis. These burn injuries typically appear bright red or pink. Blisters are also a common symptom of second-degree burns, which can take weeks to heal. Medical attention is suggested in these instances.

3rd degree burns

These are by far the most serious burns. A third-degree burn affects all layers of the skin, including:

  • Dermis
  • Epidermis
  • Hypodermis

It also damages any underlying tissue or bone. These injuries are extremely severe and can take months to heal. Permanent scarring is common, and loss of use of the affected area is also possible if there is nerve damage. Of course, victims with these kinds of injuries should seek immediate medical attention.

Cases of second and third-degree burns, victims often have to receive skin grafting. This is a painful procedure where doctors transplant healthy skin onto the severely burned skin to help the healing process. Additionally, some burn injuries lead to risks such as:

  • Developing infections
  • Suffering from nerve damage
  • Developing chronic pain

Each of these complications only adds to the financial and emotional burden of victims and their families.

burn injury types

Along with varying degrees, burn injuries have a range of causes. Depending on the details of each incident, you may consider a burn one of the following:

Electrical burns

This is when an electric current causes severe burns and blistering. Common causes for electrical burns include:

  • Touching or grasping electrically live objects
  • Short-circuiting
  • Falling into electrified water

Chemical burns

Chemical burns, also called caustic burns, are caused by contact with an irritant substance. Most people don’t realize that some of the most common household and workplace products have been linked to chemical burns, such as:

  • Bleach
  • Oven cleaners
  • Paint thinners
  • Car battery acid

Scalding burns

Burns that scald the skin, most often either hot water or hot oil. These burn injuries are the most common type among children and can occur due to some of the most seemingly innocent circumstances. Steam, when hot enough, can even cause scalding burns.

Thermal burns

This type of burn is a result of contact with heated objects. In a way, scalding burns are a form of thermal burns. However, more often thermal burns are due to fire, explosions, or hot objects. For adults, fire is the cause of most thermal burn injuries.

when to file a burn injury lawsuit

The most common source of burn injuries are vehicle and house fires. Additionally, smoke inhalation during a fire can also lead to other serious health complications, including:

  • Thermal damage
  • Poisoning
  • Pulmonary irritation

Whether you suffer burn injuries as the result of a car accident, at a business, or in your own home, you may be entitled to compensation. Negligence is one of the most common cause of these types of injuries. A burn injury lawsuit must prove the follow three things:

1. The defendant owed a certain duty to the plaintiff

2. The duty was breached

3. The defendant’s breach of duty caused the plaintiff’s injury

Remember, as the plaintiff in a burn injury lawsuit, the victim holds the burden of proof. In other words, it is up to them to provide enough evidence to sufficiently prove that the defendant was responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries. For this reason, the ability to obtain solid, factual evidence can make or break a lawsuit. Thankfully, the expert personal injury lawyers are lowercase are ready to do the hard work for you.

calculating compensation

Several factors play into calculating higher amounts of compensation in burn injury lawsuits. Settlement amounts can be influenced by the type and intensity of the burn, as well as other elements of the burn injuries. Medical expenses are the primary concern for many victims, and there are a lot of things to consider when trying to predict the financial strain of effective treatment.

If you have the right personal injury attorney, getting help from insurance representatives and medical providers is much easier. All of this helps you more accurately calculate compensation. Some factors include:

Extent of the burn

More intense burns often lead to permanent disfigurement. They also typically require a longer period of rehabilitation. Some burns affect the entire body, and some are detrimental to a victim’s quality of life. The more serious the burns, the higher the typical settlement. Having an experienced attorney makes negotiating a settlement far more effective.

Location of injuries

The location of burn injuries on the body can also have a significant impact on the payouts. Facial burns resulting in permanent disfigurement are typically considered far worse than a burn on a limb that does not drastically affect daily functioning. Depending on where the burn is, you may be eligible for greater compensation.

Intentions of the defendant

When calculating compensation, the defendant’s intentions do matter. A lot of burn injuries result from excessive negligence. However, many others are actually due to malicious intent. In either of these cases, if an individual is directly or indirectly to blame, juries are likely to award higher settlements. Furthermore, in cases of malicious intent or serious negligence, juries also award punitive damages in addition to full compensatory damages.

Pain and suffering

Emotional trauma is a big deal in burn injury lawsuits. After all, being burnt is often an extremely traumatic event. Following a serious burn injury, it is not rare for a victim to develop:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Severe decrease in self-confidence

Therefore, you can also calculate pain and suffering beyond physical injuries into the total compensation amount.

lowercase lawyers are here for you

Trying to deal with proving liability and filing a claim can be extremely overwhelming for someone who has suffered such a traumatic injury. Not to mention, the recovery process is often challenging and emotionally taxing. As a victim, you should not have to worry about fighting with lawyers and insurance companies for the compensation you deserve. That is why we at lowercase want to help fight to protect your rights to compensation.

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