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With such a beautiful climate, it makes sense that a lot of people to take advantage of driving scooters, motorcycles & mopeds in sunny South Florida. In addition to being open to the elements, this form of transportation is also cost-effective. As a result, there are more and more motorcycles & mopeds on the street each year. However, the roads can be especially hazardous for these individuals when other drivers become aggressive or negligent behind the wheel.  Due to having less protection, seemingly minor collisions for other vehicles can turn catastrophic in motorcycle and moped accidents.

DID YOU KNOW: According to the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Florida annually leads the entire nation in the number of motorcycle deaths and injuries. In 2016, 555 people died in Florida due to motorcycle accidents.

Needless to say, the victims of these accidents frequently suffer serious injuries. They lead to substantial medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. Far too often, people driving motorcycles and mopeds are severely hurt due to the smallest mistakes like fast lane changes or not checking blind spots. If you or a loved one is injured due to an accident involving a motorcycle, moped or scooter, your recovery should always be the priority. Let the professionals at lowercase serve as your advocates, making sure the insurance company provides you with appropriate compensation.

the dangers of scooters and mopeds

Data collected from the Florida Traffic Crash Records Database (FTCRD) was used to identify all crashes involving mopeds and scooters occurring between 2002 and 2008. In that study:

  • A total of 5,660 moped crashes were evaluated
  • Over 90% of drivers involved in moped or scooter crashes were uninsured
  • Only 17% of all drivers wore helmets
  • Alcohol and drug use was a significant risk factor severe and fatal crashes

Since scooters are so much smaller than other motor vehicles, they are much easier for other drivers to overlook on the roadways. The smaller size is also why scooter drivers often experience significant injuries as a result of an accident.

A scooter is similar to a motorcycle in the sense that it can reach speeds of 70 miles per hour. This means these vehicles are legal to travel on state roads and interstates. However, mopeds typically cannot achieve a speed of over 30 miles per hour. This makes these vehicles ineligible to travel on the interstate, limited access or express state highways where posted signs exclude bicycles. Once a driver understands more of how the rules of the road apply to scooters and mopeds, they have a better sense of their rights.

unique risks with motorcycles

Remember, Florida has the most motorcycle fatalities in the nation. Motorcyclists accounted for 19% of motor vehicle deaths statewide, despite, only representing 7% of licensed motorists. So, to say these motorcycle & moped accidents are too common would be a definite understatement. It is important to remember that motorcyclists must follow the same road rules as are drivers of other vehicles in Florida. While this means a motorcyclist by law gets a whole lane to themselves, it does not mean they can split lanes or weave around cars when traffic gets bad. Some states permit this, but Florida is not one of them.

Meanwhile, drivers over 21 years old in Florida with the right kind of insurance are not required to wear helmets. However, the law does require them to wear eye protection. Overall, there are a lot of unique risks associated with driving a motorcycle. It comes with the territory. However, that does not mean that motorcyclists are not still entitled to the same protections under the laws of the road.

insurance coverage in motorcycle & moped accidents

One unique thing about Florida law is the terms of insurance coverage for motorcycles. Most people don’t realize Florida only requires personal injury protection, or PIP insurance, for four-wheeled vehicles. Instead of requiring specific coverage, Floridians must meet a financial threshold in case of injuries. Even though liability insurance isn’t mandatory, we strongly recommend all riders purchase it to comply with Financial Responsibility Law. This regulation stipulates minimum liability coverage as:

  • $10,000 for 1 person in bodily injury liability
  • $20,000 for 2 or more people in bodily injury liability
  • $10,000 per crash in property damage liability

The better knowledge you have of the coverages available to you, the better you stand in the litigation process following motorcycle & moped accidents. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer from lowercase means having the support of a professional who understands how to navigate the complexities of insurance policies as they relate to motorcycle & moped accidents. Our team of skilled attorneys will present the evidence of your case to insurance providers and negotiate the maximum compensation for your claim.

do you need a lawyer?

In most cases involving motorcycle & moped accidents, if you have injuries and other damages, then you are likely entitled to compensation. And in Florida, that means you can seek compensatory damages, which include economic and non-economic losses. Your claim may cover medical expenses, lost wages, property damage or pain and suffering. In rare cases when the defendant’s conduct is considered wanton, willful, reckless or malicious you can even seek punitive damages. However, this is quite often easier said than done without professional assistance.

For motorcycle & moped accidents, the term duty of care is like any other negligence case. It means the accident is a result of a driver’s careless actions. Yet, it is the responsibility of the victim to establish that:

  • The victim was owed a duty of care by the defendant;
  • Duty of care was breached by the defendant
  • The breach is the cause of the plaintiff’s injuries and/or damages

This is when access to reputable and effective representation is critical to the success of your claim. It is the insurance company’s job to avoid paying your damages. But at lowercase, our job is to make sure you are rewarded fitting reimbursement for your losses. Our personal injury lawyers:

  • Help identify and collect vital evidence for your case
  • Coordinate with witnesses
  • Advise on the options for your claim
  • Deal with insurance companies on your behalf

If it is in the best interest of the client, it is possible to avoid a trial by negotiating an out-of-court settlement with the insurance company.

call and ask about the lowercase fee

After suffering as a result of a car accident, the last thing you or your loved ones should be worried about it fighting with the insurance companies. Let lowercase take on the case so that you can focus on getting well and getting back on your feet. The personal injury lawyers at lowercase want to help you protect your right to ride. Call us at 833-LOW-FEE5 (833-569-3335) today and ask about the lowercase fee.


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