your neck is the bridge

Your neck is the bridge between the brain and the rest of the spine. It is a critical part of the central nervous system, so of course when it comes to neck injuries, there are plenty of risks to consider. Additionally, it can take days, weeks, or even months to recover from some of these injuries. Therefore, it is important to get a clear picture of the extent of the damage, as well as understand the cause. If you have been injured due to an accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

Treatment depends on the cause, and in some instances this can lead to extensive medical expenses and other hardships. Furthermore, those who suffer neck injuries in many cases are the victims of some form of negligence. Thankfully, the law exists to protect the rights of victims, and lowercase is here to make sure the law is on your side.

seven common forms of injuries

Some spinal problems stem from overuse. Something as simple and seemingly innocent as sitting at a computer for too long. Even sleeping in an awkward position or overdoing it during exercise can cause some real discomfort.

However, quite often the pain is the result of an accident and the impact can range from uncomfortable to debilitating. While trauma to the spine can manifest in a variety of ways, there are seven more common forms of neck injuries that frequently lead to severe neck pain. These types of injuries include:

1. Whiplash

Number one is probably the most common neck injury on the list; whiplash. Often, this is due to an accident that causes the victim’s head to move forcefully, creating strain in the neck. In whiplash, damage to the soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments, and nerves can lead to a variety of symptoms. The blow can also cause a concussion. Whiplash is notorious as an injury seen in automobile accidents, but can also be the result of sports or even a fall.

2. Repetitive strain

A lot of people probably put themselves at risk of repetitive strain every day and don’t even realize it. If you ever sit in an awkward position for long periods of time, sleep on an inadequate pillow, or reading in bed you may be causing a consistent strain in the muscles in your neck. Over time, this muscle strain can contribute to neck injuries.

3. Sprains and strain

Sports-related neck injuries are often related to strains in the muscle and ligament sprains in the neck. Needless to say, physical activity can exacerbate the pain symptoms of this condition. However, unlike the more serious neck injuries on this list, sprains and strains usually heal with rest and anti-inflammatory medication, like ibuprofen.

4. Nerve pinch injury

This is another common sports-related injury that affects the spine. Some call it a “stinger” while others may call it a “burner”, but in the end it is a nerve pinch injury. This is when a stretched or compressed nerve in the neck produces sharp, shooting sensations. The effects of a nerve pinch injury get the name “burners” or “stingers” because of the shocking pain that spreads through the arms and hands. Thankfully, the symptoms of these kinds of neck injuries typically go away fairly quickly.

5. Disk injury

Because the neck is an extension of the spine, it should go without saying that some spinal injuries cause severe neck pain. In some cases, there is damage to a vertebral disk and the nerves in the neck may become irritated. Other disk problems, such as herniated discs or annular tears can also cause severe discomfort in the neck.

6. Vertebral fracture

More severe neck injuries can actually cause vertebra in your neck to fracture, or even break. This is a medical emergency, and should always be treated as such. Spinal fractures can cause serious and permanent damage the spinal cord. Ultimately, these kinds of injuries can lead to paralysis or even death.

7. Spinal cord damage

Extremely devastating accidents can cause damage severe enough to disrupt the vertebral bones designed to protect the spinal cord. Your spinal cord consists of essential nerve elements. Therefore, spinal cord injuries can cause partial or complete paralysis, and even death. Again, this should be considered a medical emergency.

Depending on the type of injury you experience, the symptoms and the recovery process will differ. Some neck injuries heal themselves fairly quickly, while others can be life-altering. Physicians diagnose such injuries by conducting various texts, including:

  • Physical exams
  • X-rays
  • Magnetic resonance imaging scans (MRI)
  • Computed tomography scans (CT)

seven common causes of neck injuries

Neck pain can be due to damage to various kinds of tissue, including muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, or nerves. Many neck injuries cause severe pain by placing stress or pressure on the spine and surrounding tissue. General causes of neck injury include:

1. Car accidents, especially rear-impact collisions

2. Splits and falls

3. Lifting heavy objects

4. Repetitive activities

5. Falling objects

6. Impact sports, such as football or horseback riding

7. Unsafe diving in shallow water

At lowercase, we know that traffic accidents are a frequent cause of neck injuries. Our experienced personal injury lawyers know exactly how to examine vehicle accident claims and ensure that your rights are protected.  

Likewise, there are plenty of other circumstances that can cause serious neck injuries. From slips and falls to retail negligence and even work-related incidents. Thankfully, our lowercase attorneys work a wide range of cases involving serious neck injuries, and we understand how to use the details of each case to serve the best interests of our clients.

do you need a lawyer?

If you have suffered an injury as the result of an accident, appropriate medical attention should be your first priority. It is crucial that you receive an accurate diagnosis of your injuries and to secure proper treatment. Sadly, this process can be time consuming and costly. Not to mention the financial pain you can experience after an accident due to lost wages and other expenses.

That is why having a lowercase lawyer to handle your claim will help you focus on getting better. Our attorneys serve communities all across South Florida.

Insurance companies make it their job to avoid paying for your care. Let us handle interactions with insurance companies and their adjusters, ensuring you have the best chance to receive fair compensation. Our personal injury lawyers aggressively pursue the maximum amount of compensation available to ensure that our clients do not have to suffer financially as the result of neck injuries.

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