first-party property claims in florida

Living in the state of Florida can be a wonderful thing, it’s why our state is regularly atop the list of states with growing populations of people relocating from others. That being said, owning property in the sunshine state is not always sunny. In fact, we deal with some of the most frightening natural disasters Mother Nature can dish out on a yearly basis in the form of hurricanes. Add a slew of other natural phenomena to the list like tornados, sinkholes, and fires. Not to mention vandalism, theft, or any type of accident that can cause damage to your personal property. All of these are part of the reason we must contend with some of the highest insurance premiums in the country. When any of those or other occurrences cause damage to your personal property, your insurance company should be there to help. If they don’t show up for you, lowercase will.

what does “first-party property” mean?

Property claims typically can be categorized into one of the two following types:

  • First-Party – An insurance claim made by the owner of the property, relating to physical damage that has occurred on the property itself.
  • Third-Party – A claim usually involving a liability issue in which the owner of a property is being sued by a third party or is in the process of suing a third party for damages.

how can an attorney help your first-party property damage claim?

Insurance companies battle with policyholders each and every day to avoid paying out claims for damaged property. Whether it is simply reducing the amount that is paid below what is fair, or denying a claim altogether, an insurance company will try to avoid full compensation as much as they can. It’s because of this, that It is crucial to have an experienced attorney advocating for your full compensation so that you can repair or replace any damaged property.

Luckily, the state of Florida has recognized over the years that many insurance companies would use their exponentially larger legal budgets to get their way when claim issues went to court. They leveled the playing field by implementing a state statute that calls for the insurance company to pay for the first-party’s legal fees if they are successful in receiving a judgment against the insurance company in court. When you couple that with a contingency fee, like the one lowercase, a law firm uses, it means you have no legal fees regardless of whether you win or lose your case.

when should I contact a lowercase property attorney?

Insurance premiums in the state of Florida are among the highest in the nation, and yet we pay them for the peace of mind to know that if we should ever need protection from damages to our property, we’re covered. We believe that if you’ve been diligently paying your insurance company for property protection, they should diligently deliver on their end of the bargain when you are entitled to compensation for the damages. If you feel like you deserve compensation from your insurance company for property damage and are not receiving it, contact us today at 833-low-fee5 (833-569-3335) to get an absolutely free personalized consultation with a lowercase lawyer. Our attorneys can help you obtain fair financial compensation for your damages.


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