what happens if you get hurt at work?

Injuries in the workplace occur every day across the state of Florida and in many different job types. Although some professions come with higher inherent workplace injury risks, accidents happen everywhere. From construction and manufacturing to office settings and service jobs, workplace injuries are an unavoidable risk for any business or organization.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics documents almost three million workplace injuries a year, some of the more common workplace injuries include:

Back Strains Burns Neck Injury
• Bone Fractures Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Spinal Injury
• Brain Injury Lacerations Tendonitis

The state of Florida has what is called a no-fault compensation system, meaning there is compensation available to an injured worker regardless of whether they were the cause of their injury or someone else is responsible. The compensation available to a worker does have certain regulations, including the reduction of benefits if the worker disregarded or violated a known safety regulation or the complete loss of benefits if the injured worker’s accident occurred while they were under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

There are different kinds of compensation available to workers who are injured on the job. Florida’s workers’ compensation system benefits vary depending on the nature of the workplace injury but can include medical and disability benefits, lost wages, travel expenditures related to the injury, and third-party attendant medical care.

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To ensure the maximum compensation, don’t leave your compensation in the insurance company’s hands. Although it is not a requirement, an experienced workplace injury attorney is recommended when dealing with the fallout of an injury. They can guide you through the process with their knowledge of the laws and protect you from being taken advantage of by the workers’ compensation insurance company.

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