The Big Bad Insurance Company

This is an unfortunate story about the harsh reality of the big, bad insurance companies and taking advantage of the people they insure. Unfortunately, insurance companies do NOT have your back and will look for any reason to deny, delay, or underpay your claim when you need them most. This story illustrates why it is always important to contact a lawyer after an accident.

A potential client, who was insured by one of the “Big Four” insurance companies, came to us for help. He had been rear-ended by a driver that also carried the same insurance company. The insurance company, in an attempt to mitigate their damages and save money, reached out to the potential client directly. They claimed to be his insurance company and pretended as though they were acting in his best interests, when in reality they were calling on behalf of the defendant driver.  After questioning our potential client and finding out he has yet to hire a lawyer, they tricked him into signing a release for his car accident which released the insurance company entirely and prevented him from recovering any future monies for his injuries or damages.

Don’t let these insurance companies take advantage of you! Whenever an insurance company knows you are unrepresented, they will certainly try to take advantage of you. Make sure you contact lowercase immediately following an accident, so you can have your rights protected.

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